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Post  Blackrose on Sun Jun 08, 2008 10:49 am

this wasn't made by me-
Human pet is one of the most important elements in WL online, some ppl r familiar with few pets, like Roca, xaolan or Niss, but I think most ppl want to know more about other pets be4 u get them in the future. So, I just make this thread to make everyone start to know how to get all of them.
NOTES: I may make some mistakes like incorrect spelling; using wrong words or didn’t explain properly, plz let me know and I will fix it, thank you for all the supports and hope everyone can learn or know something from me.
[Helped by TianDan and Meyoname]

Name: (the name of the quest which to get the pet)
Place: (where the quest take place)
Target: (the npc who gives u the quest)
Condition: (any other quest needs to be solved be4)
Reward: (the stuffs which u get after solving the mission)
Process: (the steps to finish the quest)

Name: First test
Place: Kelan village
Target: Kelan village’s leader
Condition: None
Reward: honor claw*1/ honor wand*1 and pet-Roca
1. Talk to Kelan village’s leader in house where there r 2 soldiers standing at front.
2. The leader will let Roca help u to get scroll.
3. Get scroll and bak to leader, then talk to Roca after receiving weapon from village’s leader, Roca will join ur team

Name: The mysterious girl
Place: North Island
Target: Niss
Condition: None
Reward: pet-Niss
1. Talk to Niss who is lying under the tree near cliff of east coast of North-island
2. Choose “awaken her”
3. After a few talking, Niss will join ur team

Name: Avenging Pirate
Place: Kelan village
Target: Village-Pirate Leader
Condition: Grandparent and Grandchild who are robbed
Reward: pet-Xaolan
1. Talk to village-pirate leader
2. Beat 3 of them and save Xaolan
3. Return to Xaolan’s house and talk to Xaolan, she will join ur team

Name: A pirate who turns over a new leaf
Place: South-island, Piratical cave
Target: Pirates
Condition: Avenging Pirate
Reward: 10% EXP Capsule*1; poisoning potion*5; phoenix’s feather*3 and pet-Clive
1. Travel to Piratical cave from South-island (transport required)
2. Walk to the question mark on the map and talk to the pirates
3. Beat 4 different attribute pirates,
4. Enter the portal, click the front mid box, beat 2 non-attribute pirates
5. Clive join into ur team, open other 2 boxes to get all the rewards

Name: Magellan is in danger
Place: Voyage map (8869, 10580) – Magellan’s fleet
Target: Magellan’s fleet
Condition: A man in the bar; A pirate who turns over a new leaf
NOTES: when u doing this quest, make sure the King Certification is in ur bag and Clive is in ur team (unnecessary to set as battle), otherwise u cant finish this quest.
Reward: Star*1; 10% EXP Capsule*1; pet-Magellan
1. Make sure u have already had all the requirements
2. Travel to Magellan’s fleet with ship or transport which stay long on the sea
3. When u enter Magellan’s fleet, beat 3 sailors.
4. After that, they will tell u Magellan is kidnapped in blackwind cave(the cave which u got Clive)
5. There is a ship at the end of cave, go into it and u need beat 8 pirates to save Magellan
6. When u go bak to the deck of the ship, u need to fight with another 12 pirates(8 in battle ground, and 4 will be reinforcement)
7. After beating all the pirates, Magellan will join into ur team.

Name: Hanging by a thread
Place: Japan
Target: Young boy
Condition: An encounter with Kanako
NOTES: when solving the task “Close call”, u need to carry comb of Kanako
Reward: EXP+500; pet-Kanako
1. After solving “An encounter with Kanako”, u will get Kanako’s comb
2. Bring it with u, and go to left top of the map and to the end, u will c a question mark.
3. Walk close to the boy and beat 3 lv80 warriors
4. Talk to the boy again, this time Kanako will join in ur side to beat another 8 warriors
5. After that, Kanako will join into ur team
- This task is automatically started, it means when u walk into the events area, it will start without choosing, so be prepare be4 u go there
- After beating 3 warriors go away from that area and don’t disband ur team near there, it may cause ur team mate start the events automatically if ur mates had brought the comb.
- For the 2nd round of battle, Kanako will join into the battle ground, so there will be only 3 ppl in ur team to start fighting.

Name: Quick offering
Place: Mayan Tribe
Target: Mayan Tribe villager (in the house [X: 2176, Y: 2314])
Condition: None
Reward: Magic Carpet*1, pet-ShaSha
1. Enter the house, talk to the villager, she hope u can save her daughter – ShaSha from the priest who took ShaSha for sacrificing.
2. Go to the sacrificing well, talk to the priest, he will invite u to have look the ceremony
3. U will go down to the bottom of the well, then go up u will c a torch near a stone door, click it, the door opens, and enter into it.
4. U will c ShaSha lying on the stone platform, click her, and then beat an alien (lv 100 with MaxHP 12000).
5. After battle, receive reward and ShaSha join into ur team.

Name: Sibling Love
Place: Mayan Forest
Target: Wounded man
Condition: None
Reward: 10% EXP Capsule*1; Cherish Necklace*1, pet-Qlaya
1. Walk close to the question mark on the top left of Mayan forest map
2. The scene will automatically start, at the end Qlaya’s brother wants you to save Qlaya be4 he dies.
3. Go the altar in the Mayan Tribe, click the special stone on the wall, the path of cellar will appear, enter into it. On the way u will find a little game “emblaze the fire”. The answer of the game is:
blue blue
green green green
red red
4. After the door open, u need to beat 2 monsters (stone monster, lv91, water attribute, HP11275; Huge mountain monster, lv 87, fire attribute, HP10530)
5. After battle with monsters, talk to the priest, and start the 1st round. (lv 91, non-attribute, HP 10425) and his guard(lv95, earth attribute, HP1405)
6. 2nd round will start automatically after talking; the priest will become an ET, then beat 8 ET (priest: lv91, HP27510; other ET: lv 100, HP922)
NOTE: U can’t be defeated in 2nd round, otherwise, if u fight again, u need to start from 1st round.
7. Go bak to Qlaya’s brother, he will let u promise to take care of Qlaya in the future be4 he died. After his death, Qlaya join into ur team.

Name: Superior weapon
Place: Holy village
Target: the cloth in the house (the first house near the portal of holy village)
Condition: the secret under the well (U will get a magnetic key)
Reward: Star*1, EXP+1000, pet-Aileen
1. Get the foreigner’s cloth in the house
2. Go bak to the well in the holy village (u need to make a rope ladder to get down of the well for the first quest), enter the other entrance (different from the portal for quest “the secret under the well”)
3. Beat 2 ET ( wind and fire attribute; both of them r lv 73, hp 1400)
4. Use the magnetic key to open the door, click the container, after the scene, Aileen join into ur team.
NOTES(Credit by Meyoname):
There is only one level requirement to get a pet and thats for Elin!
You need lvl 20 in order to finish her quest, and lvl 30 to get her gun.
when you and her are level 40, you can get her plasma chip upgrade.
YOU CANT CHEAT THE ELIN QUESTS.(For Elin) You need to make your OWN rope ladder
(For plasma chip upgrade)If Elin and yourself are below LVL 40 the UFO's and ET wont appear until you are both are at the lvl.

Name: Pluto – Hoult
Place: Ghost Isle
Target: Enter the 2F of Ghost Isle
Condition: Strong Enemy,Frederico; Path of truth; The secret of Barnya Sky City; Witch-Partice; Test from god of fight; Twins of light and dark; Faith under the stars sky
Reward: 20% EXP Capsule*1, pet-Frederico
1. Go to the 2F of Ghost Isle, fight with 5 Frederico
Fire lv152 hp57500
Water*2 lv144 hp43600
Wind lv148 hp47500
Earth lv145 hp41400
2. Niss dies, Frederico join into the team.
- Use Roca to fight with Frederico, Frederico is weak to Roca.
- Be aware, this quest is the death quest for Niss, if u still want her, prepare stars to revive from priest in holy village church.

Ok, those r all the pets quest we can solve atm in this version, for new update in the future, I will also update this thread. Hope it helps u guys and my 5 hrs writing is worthy, enjoy ur game!!

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