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Post  Black-Cat on Sun Jun 22, 2008 8:43 pm

Well this isn't really much of a guide, more of a list of guides i enjoy using.

This link leads to my favorite Wonderland Online guide, although it's more of a Wiki
This one is a Guide that tells you what to do on a few quests

also look at these links for other quests:

How to get Mighty Plane
How to get Clive
How to get Steam Ship
How to get Frederico(WARNING:somewhat spoiler)
How to get Arez the Dragon

These are a few guides and stuff i found about Manufacturing:
How to make Guns!
Reference to House Items
Wonderland Online Database

Now for a few leveling guides:
Guide for lvls 1 to about 30(maybe 40) although it also depends on the player to choose what to fight i hope this link helps
Lvls 40 to 60(possibly higher, im not at that lvl yet, so i havn't tried this guide out)
Oslya Spiders

now for Compounding:
Some High level equipment

Now for a few random, but valueable information links:
Hot Springs
Crude Oil
Magic Elements
Wedding/Divorce System
Food(talks about seeds,turf,manual blender and stuff like that.)

Well that's most of them, the important ones anyways. I hope this helps you guys(and girls) out, it sure helped me out.
I'd also like to thank the people that actually made the guides.
Plz comment on this. cat


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